• Jon Miller, Owner/Operator

The Hire Standard has evolved into existence over the course of a lifetime spent in the service of others, through many years of one man’s desire (and natural inclination) to improve the lives, welfare, and simple well-being of those around him. This innate, organic tendency towards altruism, borne of a belief that, a) ALL people rightfully deserve the opportunity to reach one’s full potential, and b) are ENTIRELY capable of doing so, often with just a little assistance from the right person with the right set of skills, the correct knowledge, experience, wisdom, attitude, and genuine expertise on his side can truly make a WORLD of difference.

The Hire Standard- Personal Services Division: Services Available



1. Resume / Cover Letters


2. College Scholarship Assistance


3. Test Prep


4. Writing Tutor


5. Government Forms & Applications


6. Personal Budget Advisor