Money Recovery

If you have money at the state level from a 401k, certificate of deposit, pension or retirement fund, IRA, or other group or employee account, or you believe you have money from an unclaimed deposit return somewhere, this can usually be located through the state comptroller’s office. Getting it back however, is another matter.

The Hire Standard charges a $25 flat rate for up to a $500 recovery, $50 flat rate for any amount above that.

Credit Repair

Ever try to do, I dunno, ANYTHING? Apply for a job, buy a car, a house, or even just apply for a credit card?


A LOT of people, once they’ve gotten into debt or missed a payment or two, become intimidated by the process, and now avoid it entirely, exacerbating the problem and risking accounts being turned over to collection agencies. Many people make the mistake of PAYING the collection agencies WITHOUT checking their credit report to make sure how much they owe, assuming and TRUSTING that the collectors are being honest.

The Hire Standard offers complete credit investigation and, if possible, disputes charges and claims on your credit reports, for a flat rate of $150 for up to 3 disputes, with any extra actions beyond that at $25 each.